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"Caring for your pet"


Rodents, mouse Rupert

Common Ailments Rodents are hardy pets and it is quite difficult to tell when they are ill. We often advise people that if their pet isn’t behaving ‘normally’ then we probably need to see it. As with all exotic pets, the quicker the pet is seen, greater the chance of recovery. Most commonly conditions include […]

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Rabbits named Pixie and Teddy

Myxomatosis This is a viral infection spread by rabbit fleas, and despite popular belief does not require direct contact with wild rabbits. After an incubation period of 1 – 2 weeks, it produces puffy swellings of the eyelids and genitalia, discharge from the eyes and nose, followed by blindness and pneumonia. Recovery from this awful […]

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Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs, Hilda and Hector

  Common Diseases Guinea Pigs are prone to the same diseases as rabbits, in particular flystrike and dental disease. As with rabbits, Guinea pigs whilst feel pain, do not show outward signs of pain so may suffer before being noticed. Vitamin C Guinea pigs, like humans are missing the enzyme that produces vitamin C which […]

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