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"Caring for your pet"

Flexible Health Plan

“…it’s your money to spend how you choose”

Why choose this plan…

  • No age restrictions for your pet.
  • A range of benefits and discounts for your pet named on the plan.
  • If you have a multi animal household you can use your credit balance on
    treatments for any one of them.
  • You can choose whether to pay for procedures separately or use some,
    or all of your credit.

If you move to another practice, or if your pet sadly passes away, any
remaining credit on your account will returned to you.

We currently offer two plans:

£10 per month

  • 10% off flea and worming products
  • 10% off blood tests
  • 20% off dental treatments
  • 10% off vaccinations
  • Two free nurse checks per year

£20 per month

  • All of the above benefits, PLUS:
    • Unlimited free nurse checks
    • One free urine analysis per year
    • 5% off Canagan pet food
    • 5% off dental care products
    • 5% off Yumove supplements

For the list of full benefits and details on how to join, download our Flexible Health Plan.

…a great way to ensure that you always have money available for your pet’s veterinary care.