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Neutering Cats

Did you know over the course of 7 years, just 2 un-neutered cats will become on average 370,092…

Despite the ‘old wives tale’, there is no health benefit to your cat having a litter of kittens prior to spaying. In fact if left un-neutered, cats will readily breed with their siblings and parents!

The advantages to having your cat neutered are endless….

  • The risks of developing certain types of cancers are significantly reduced.
  • Male cats are less likely to develop behavioural issues such as spraying, scent marking, roaming and aggression.
  • Decreases overpopulation by preventing unwanted kittens
  • Reduces the spread of disease, particularly FIV (Feline Aids) and reduces the likelihood of infections developed from bites and scratches. (It costs more to treat a cat bite abscess than it costs to neuter your cat)

Cats can be neutered from three months of age. They tend to come in and go home all on the same day. He or she will have a health check prior to the procedure with our vet.

If you feel you will struggle to keep your cat confined or starved prior to his or her operation, please take advantage of our ‘overnight stay’ service. This is free of charge and cats can be brought into the practice the night before their procedure.

If you have any questions or would simply like to book your cat in for neutering, please contact the practice on: 01780 322333.

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